My Route

I initially only planned to tour around Europe. I spent a couple of months cycling (indirectly) to Athens.Europe: September 2016 to November 2016. 5210km.

It was getting cold but I still wanted to cycle. I decided to cross the US, which expanded into a plan to ride south through the Americas. I returned home, got a lot of vaccinations, and flew to Los Angeles. I wrote a different blog for the parts taking place in the Americas, at
North America: January 2017 to April 2017. 8,925 km.

north america map

South America Part 1: Colombia to Bolivia. May 2017 to November 2017. 7990 km.

south america map 1

South America Part 2: Chile to Brazil. November 2017 to March 2018. 11880 km.

south america map 2

Europe: June 2018 to January 2019. 22585 km.

Europe part 2

Asia: April 2019 to November 2019. 15648 km.

South Asia: Islamabad to Calcutta. Nov/Dec 2019. 3555 km.

Southeast Asia: Calcutta to Bali. Jan-Mar 2021. 9075 km

The UK: May-July 2021. 3577 km

Europe again: August-September 2021. 4025 km.

Africa and a bit of Arabia: Amman to Cape Town. September 2021-March 2022. 15524 km

Heading back north: Cape Town to Ivory Coast. 9974 km.

After a break, the Middle East: 3275 km

Total distance: 121,243 km.